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Igniplex v3 The Best Premium Free Blogger Template 2023

Igniplex v3 premium free blogger theme has Night / Day mode feature. It is a blogger template with full SEO work.

Igniplex v3 The Best Premium Free Blogger Template 2023
Igniplex v3 The Best Premium Free Blogger Template 2023

At the same time, the blogger theme is adsense compatible and there are advertising areas in various areas. You can also add your banner ads from the theme editing section. There is also a 300x250 advertising space on the right.

  Igniplex v3 premium free blogger theme has bookmark feature. Thanks to this feature, you can save the topics you like, and when you visit the site later, you can see it by clicking the bookmark icon in the upper right corner. This gives you another reason to keep your visitors on your site. 2023 is a carefully coded blogger theme for both user-oriented and blogger owners.

Igniplex v3 premium free blogger theme 2023 features are not limited to these. Some features are listed below;

Reading time calculator;

There is a system that predicts how many minutes the visitor can read the article on average. In this way, you can leave a pleasant and meaningful impression on your visitors.

Article Reader Feature;

A feature that may not be available on almost any site has been added to this premium free theme. Thanks to the article voiceover feature, your visitors will be able to listen to your article with one click. This feature is very cleverly designed and skips code blocks automatically, so it doesn't make complex meaningless voiceovers. The only problem with this feature is that it gets stuck sometimes, I think this problem only exists in the computer version.

Table Of Content

Thanks to this feature, at the very beginning of the article, users can see the titles in the article content. Attract your visitors by showing them your article content first. Another clever feature to keep you more visitors on the site.

CODE Blocks

Thanks to fast and modern code blocks such as Html, Css, Javascript, you can make the codes you share with your visitors look better. At the same time, thanks to the one-click copy button, your visitors can quickly copy the code.

Various Buttons

Beautify your download, demo links with various buttons. The theme has many unique buttons. Try oval or rectangular buttons now.

Verified Profile Feature

Comments also have a tick next to the article author, representing a verified account badge. In this way, your visitors will avoid your imitations. The best way to give confidence to your visitors.

Apart from these, there are a total of 4 different advertisement areas, 2 on the homepage and 2 on the subject. If you wish, you can increase the ad spaces in the theme settings.

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